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Dr.Seroton (Functional Golf Shoes)

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Dr.Seroton (Functional Golf Shoes)


Serotonin is a chemical material of love and happiness!
Serotonin, a neurotransmitter found in the brain, regulates over seretion of noradrenalin and endorphin so that this makes people happy.It is known as study-chemical due to the fact that serotonin has cognitive function including memory and learning so this improves the work force.


1. Strengthen waist
By stimulating the arch through S dial, it strengthens the waist part, centre of the body, more stable.

2. Balance
Control the S dial to the left and right for adjusting the arch-height and feeling the empty space of it. This ensures and keeps balance.

3. Pressure dispersion
Minimize the space of arch for reducing the fatigue while walking by dispersing pressure on foot.


* Height-adjustable arch support tool
* Airing
* Balance & Harmony
* Comfort and happiness
* Secretion of serotonin


According to your arch-shape, adjust the Sdial
- 0 ~ 1 lv. Low arch
- 2 ~ 3 lv. Average arch
- 4 ~ 5 lv. High arch
S dial is adjustable according to the one’s arch shape and it has barefoot function

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